Hospice Room

Our Hospice Room

At Dr Helmcken Memorial Hospital

A designated area in the Dr. Helmcken Hospital has a kitchen and private bath. The furnishings in the room were purchased by the Hospice Society thanks to the generous donations and fundraising efforts of the Hospice Society. The kitchen in the room has a fridge, microwave, toaster/convection oven, coffee pot and kettle. It is the family’s responsibility to stock the kitchen for their personal use. Three meals per day are provided to the patent by the hospital kitchen. Family members are welcome to spend the night, and a sofa bed with linens is available in the room.

Next Steps

Comfort & Care

Next Steps


Patients are admitted to the hospice room for

    • end of life care
    • symptom management with the goal to be home with Home Care services

The Interior Health Authority monitors the admissions into the hospice room, and all costs of the use of the room are covered by health care. The staff at the Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital will determine who is admitted into the hospice room. Speak with your physician for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the Hospice Room?

Please bring your personal toiletries, denture container, dressing gown, slippers, razor and any other personal items you may need.
All current medications.
Family pictures for your room.
We do provide wheelchairs and walkers.

Is smoking/vaping allowed?

Smoking & vaping are not allowed inside the building. Our patients and visitors are allowed to smoke/vape outside the building, just off of Interior Health property. All patient cigarettes/lighters are stored at the nurses station and available on request.

Can children come to visit?

Children are welcome in the Hospice Room. We have activity packs available to give out to children present in the room.

Are pets allowed in the Hospice Room?

Well-behaved pets are permitted to visit in the patient’s room but must be on a leash in the hallways and are not allowed in common areas. Pets are not allowed to stay overnight. Please check with nursing staff prior to bringing pets into the hospital.

Can I bring valuables?

It is requested you do not bring cash or valuables with you. If necessary we do have a safe located in Administration. Clearwater & District Hospice cannot accept responsibility for valuables in your possession.

Is cannabis use allowed?

Please check with the nursing staff regarding the rules around cannabis use on Interior Health property.

Can I bring a computer into the Hospice Room?

Yes. We have wireless internet access for your convenience.

Can I use a cell phone in the Hospice Room?

Cell phones are allowed but we request patients and family set ring tone to vibrate. Patients can ask the nursing staff to use a portable phone from the nursing station to make calls outside of the hospital. Local calls are free. If calling long distance we can accommodate calling cards – staff can assist with this.

Is there a cost to stay in the Hospice Room?

No. The cost to stay in the hospice room is covered by provincial health care.